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The baiting technique employed from the Sentricon System takes advantage of biology and behavior. Subterranean employee termites forage for cellulose food sources 24 hours per day, ranging abroad from their underground nest, or colony, through tunnels in the soil which can range up to 300 feet or longer. When employee termites find a food source, they render a pheromone scent path to summon nest mates.3 Worker termites chew and digest cellulose, and then regurgitate it to discuss with other termites in the colony.45.

An Accredited Sentricon Specialist (CSS), who is trained and certified by Dow AgroSciences, installs Sentricon bait stations in the soil creating a protective perimeter around a home. CSSs offer an ongoing service to stations, even after a colony is eliminated, to prevent re-infestation from colonies and ensure continued protection.

When foraging, worker termites find the stations, eat the lure substance and then regurgitate this bait for colony nest mates to consume. Affected termites later die when they are unable to molt, however they will not be able to pinpoint where the poison is coming from. As they die, the colony has been eliminated, generally within a span of months.

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In 2000, the Sentricon System received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, an environmental honor by the U.S. government.7

Sentricon is the most extensively tested of termite control products currently on the market. Multiple independent research studies demonstrate its bait matrix and baiting technique is an effective pest management control option.1 Field evaluations have documented the elimination of subterranean termite activity, including that of Formosan subterranean termites, often within 3 to 6 months.2.

Ongoing monitoring and re-baiting is a vital aspect of Sentricons effectiveness. Without proper supervision, re-infestation from neighboring foraging colonies can happen. Such re-infestations have not included any members of the original colony. Long-term studies have shown that by implementing the recommended service frequency, approximately 60 percent of those colonies have been eliminated during the first quarter, roughly 75 percent of the colonies have been eliminated after the second quarter, nearly all colonies are eliminated within a year of the initial baiting and colonies are finally eliminated.89 Sentricon touts that it's used by Independence Hall, the Statue of Liberty, and the White House to keep our historical landmarks termite-free. .

Homeowners often prefer to utilize Sentricon baiting systems10 because it doesn't involve drilling or trenching, and bait stations are all discreet.

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There are many termiticide products, all claiming effective control. But they work in different ways, contain different ingredients, and possess different features to consider.

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ALTRISET uses innovative chemistry which takes its inspiration from nature. Chlorantraniliprole, the active ingredient in ALTRISET, mirrors the insecticidal properties of a substance found in the South American trees and shrubs of Ryania spp.

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Its mode of action is unique. Unlike other termiticides, which target the nervous system, chlorantraniliprole targets termite muscles. When a termite comes into contact ALTRISET their jaw muscles lock, quickly preventing them from feeding.

Studies have proven that ALTRISET is highly effective against termites, stopping them feeding within hours, which prevents any additional damage to the property that is infested.

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Laboratory tests have shown that tunnel throughout the zone and quickly develop a deadly dose of ALTRISET. Once changed by ALTRISET, termites will begin to show increased aggregation, enhanced grooming and contact with other colony members to get hours.

Affected termites will become more lethargic https://innovativepestcontroladelaide.com.au/ and show signs of muscle paralysis; decreased coordination and mortality will happen within a few days. The delayed mortality and increased colony interaction are crucial reasons why ALTRISET is so effective.

Lively Termite Infestation: For an active infestation, we generally suggest getting a Pest Control Service Company to do the work for Subterranean (Ground)

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termites. There are many factors, particularly the property's construction (slab or basement) which affect the treatment method. If you are determined to treat an active termite infestation telephone us until you start 1-800-476-3368.

Termite Prevention: Treating to prevent termites is less error prone for the typical homeowner than treating an active infestation. There are professional termiticides and termite bait systems available to assist with the treatment procedure.

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